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Diseases and Color

Conditions and also Shade

Stomach aches: Yellow
Migraines: Blue
Acne: Pink
Alcohol addiction: Violet
Allergic reactions: Indigo
Alzheimers: Royal Blue
Anemia: Red
Angina: Red
Anorexia nervosa: Blue
Appendicitis: Blue
Extreme Appetite: Indigo
Reduced Appetite: Yellow
Joint inflammation: Violet
Bronchial asthma: Red
Neck And Back Pain: Blue
Baldness: Violet
Bladder: Violet
High Blood Pressure: High– Blue Green, Low– Red Orange
Bones: Violet
Respiratory disease: Blue
Burns: Green
Cancer cells: Green
Cataracts: Indigo
Spine Meningitis: Green
Hen Pox: Green
Claudication: Red
Colds: Red
Trauma: Green
Bowel irregularity: Yellow
Coughings: Blue
Dandruff: Indigo
Diabetes mellitus: Indigo
Looseness of the bowels: Green
Acid indigestion: Yellow
Dermatitis: Indigo
Anxiety: Yellow
Craziness: Orange
Fascinations: Green
Epilepsy: Green
High temperature: Green
Unwanted gas: Red
Frigidity: Indigo
Gall Bladder: Orange
Glaucoma: Violet
Goiter: Blue
Gonorrhea: Blue
Gout arthritis: Violet
Hay Fever: Green
Heartburn: Red
Piles: Blue
Liver disease: Blue
Flu: Green
Sleeping disorders: Orange
Itchiness: Blue
Jaundice: Blue
Kidneys: Violet
Leukemia: Red
Lungs: Indigo
Lupus: Green
Mastoiditis: Blue
Measles: Green
Menopause: Green
Mental Illness: Violet
Moles: Red
Mumps: Green
Queasiness: Blue
Neuralgia: Blue
Headache: Blue
Paralysis: Red
Parkinson’s Disease: Indigo
Pneumonia: Indigo
Rabies: Green
Rheumatism: Violet
Rickets: Blue
Scarlet Fever: Green
Sclerosis: Violet
Shock: Blue
Skin: Blue
Spleen: Orange
Strep Throat: Green
Syphilis: Green
Tetanus: Green
Tonsillitis: Violet
Consumption: Green
Urticaria: Green
Vertigo: Green

There are several illness as well as several shades. Often as well much of a shade will certainly make us unwell, very same as also little of a shade. If we can maintain the best equilibrium in all our systems, it can confirm to be rather helpful to our wellness. Saturate up each shade up until you obtain your fill and also go onto the following trouble. You will certainly locate that the fantastic shades are going to be component of you for a great lengthy tme.

There are numerous illness and also several shades. Often also much of a shade will certainly make us ill, exact same as also little of a shade. Saturate up each shade till you obtain your fill as well as go onto the following trouble.

Below are some conditions and also their shade that might assist boost the trouble.